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Bonbon  & Truffle

Dark chocolate, secrets spices and a cayenne pepper finish

Handmade banana and rum white chocolate ganache enrobed in milk chocolate

Well balanced brandied cherry ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Creamy browned butter, butterscotch caramel ganache enrobed in milk chocolate

Coconut milk and lime zest blended with white chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate shell with an Earl Grey Tea ganache center

Dark chocolate enrobes a Cointreau and orange zest ganache center

Dark chocolate lips with a mango and passion fruit center

Milk chocolate wraps an organic peanut butter & jelly ganache center

Milk chocolate caramel ganache with pumpkin, spice and cognac - SEASONAL FLAVOR

Dark chocolate ganache with raspberry puree and raspberry liquor enrobed in dark chocolate 

Fresh rosemary, smooth caramel, decadent dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Sea salt caramel ganache enrobed in dark chocolate - one of our most requested bonbon

Dark chocolate and balsamic vinegar, strawberry puree and strawberry liquor ganache enrobed in chocolate - Yum, say that fast three times

White chocolate ganache infused with strawberry margarita and tequila and, salted around the rim

Belgium praline with roasted sunflower seeds in a milk chocolate ganache

Creamy white chocolate ganache blended with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Turkish coffee and dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate 

Apple and cinnamon ganache enrobed in dark chocolate shell

A beautiful bonbon made with powerful dark chocolate, honey  and maybe a little Vibranium

Pistachio ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Handmade milk chocolate Amaretto ganache center, hand dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with milk and dark chocolate

Milk chocolate toffee ganache enrobed in milk chocolate

Dark chocolate ganache and a handmade brownie both enrobed in dark chocolate



Coconut ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate shell filled with dark chocolate peppermint ganache

Dark chocolate ganache handmade with Jamaican Blue Mountain Espresso Beans

A whole hazelnut enrobed in milk chocolate hazelnut ganache and sprinkled with hazelnut on top

Dark chocolate shell and creamy Irish Whiskey ganache center

Soft, smooth, chewy, buttery caramel enrobed in milk or dark chocolate

Handmade lavender and peach ganache enrobed in dark chocolate


Dark chocolate shell surrounds an organic peanut butter ganache center. 

Raspberry ganache center enrobed in a dark chocolate shell and sprinkled with dried raspberries

Milk chocolate ganache first enrobed in dark chocolate and again in white chocolate and finally in milk chocolate

Do you like dark chocolate?  Do you like milk chocolate?  How about white chocolate?  YES! YES! YES!

Dark chocolate ganache first enrobed in milk chocolate and again in dark chocolate

Milk chocolate ganache generously rolled in handmade spicy pecan pieces

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