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Custom  Transfer  Sheet

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  • Cocoa butter transfer sheets are available for bonbons, bars and molded chocolate figures.

  • Our cocoa butter "printing" process enables us to apply  artwork directly to the chocolate.


  • Please forward a high resolution digital image and we will transfer the image onto your chocolate.


  • Formats: jpg,  eps,  png,  pdf,  or ai

  • One Color Logo     $220


  • Two Color Logo     $350


  • Three Color Logo     $500

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peanut butter cups.jpg
  • Our custom chocolates include the cost of the transfer sheets  plus the cost of the chocolate.


  • You will receive  50 transfer sheets with approximately 30 images per sheet. (The number of images will be effected by the size of the image.)


  • You do not need to use all your transfer sheet images for your first order.  We will store the transfer sheet images for you for your next custom order.

  • Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery.

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