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Chocolate Tortue

Chocolate Tortue

SKU: 400000001562

Premium Chocolate Tortues

・Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Pecan Tortue

・Milk Chocolate Pecan Tortue

・White Chocolate Pecan Tortue

・Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Tortue

・Milk Chocolate Almond Tortue

・White Chocolate Almond Tortue

・Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mixed Nuts Tortue

・Milk Chocolate Mixed Nuts Tortue

・White Chocolate Mixed Nuts Tortue

・Dark Chocolate Bacon Pecan Tortue



    Defective products may be exchanged for products of the same or lesser value within 15 days of purchase.


    We ship most of our chocolates and confections. We do not, however, ship our large molded figures because of the possibility of breakage.


    We do not ship between June and September. Remember, this is Texas y’all. 


    We deliver locally for a fee of $25.00 within a 10 mile radius of Chocolate Secrets. Please call us about cost for delivery fees beyond this a 10 radius.


    Allergens: All products sold at Chocolate Secrets may contain tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk, eggs, sesame and soy.


    All products are made in the same kitchen using the same equipment.

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